Building and Strengthening Tenant Action

Buscando Acción y Solidaridad Que Transforme el Arrendamiento

 Proper ventilation and functioning mechanical appliances are vital to a healthy home, especially at senior property Primrose at Shadow Creek. It was no surprise that when several folks began reporting leaking and malfunctioning ACs, the The Concerned Citizens of Primrose Tenants Association kept cool by organizing a plan to submit AC repairs and see that the repairs are followed through.


To achieve repairs for AC issues in folks' individual apartment units, they supported their neighbors in writing repair requests and submitting them to the management office. Then, they tackled those pesky common-area AC problems by filing complaints with Austin Code Department and conducting a survey of the ACs that had problems to turn into management.


The Concerned Citizens are pleased to report an improvement in several ACs after some repairs have been made, however many that pose serious health risks remain defunct. While conducting their survey, a BASTA Organizer and T.A. Steering Committee Leader both experienced allergic reactions to mold that had grown from a leaking AC.


Even as Austin experiences its 31st consecutive day of triple degree weather, the T.A. continues to be driven by the current progress of their organizing and hopeful that everyone on the property has an AC that is up to code. Until then, they remain Concerned.

Concerned Citizens of Primrose T.A. Tackles AC Issues in the Heat of Texas Summer

August 03, 2018




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