Building and Strengthening Tenant Action

Buscando Acción y Solidaridad Que Transforme el Arrendamiento

Organizer leading general meeting
Organizers leading a presentation
Tenant speaking with BASTA staff


We are a team of tenants, organizers, attorneys, and paralegals working to create a future where all Austinites have access to healthy and affordable housing.


We are always looking for talented and passionate folks to join our team.


Check back regularly for updated opportunities to help us achieve our mission.


language justice volunteers

Location flexible

We work with linguistically diverse tenants and want to be able to communicate with everyone.  We have a commitment to language justice and strive to provide interpretation at every meeting in the languages of all participants.  This can get expensive, though, so to make this sustainable, we need volunteers to help with translation and interpretation.



Assistance is needed in translating flyers, educational materials and media projects, interpreting at tenant meetings, and helping with BASTA outreach activities.


Volunteers will be contacted based on need.  Currently, we need support in Pashto, Farsi, Arabic and Vietnamese.  We sincerely appreciate all offers of assistance.



Please only apply to opportunities for languages that you are fluent/proficient in. Follow the link below and submit your application via VolunteerMatch.


BASTA is a non-profit project dedicated to helping Austin renters work together to improve the conditions of their homes and communities.